Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review: Kalyug by R. Sreeram

Book: Kalyug
Author: R. Sreeram 
Genre: Socio-Political Thriller
No. of Pages: ~380

Author | Ex-entrepreneur | Consultant | Trainer - That's how the author describes himself on his website. He seems to be quite active on his website although his GoodReads profile seem to have been ignored. 

Kalyug is R. Sreeram's debut work. But that should not, in any way, relate to the quality of his work. And it very well, does not! 

Kalyug is a Socio-Political Thriller that imagines a coup in one of the world's largest Democracy - India! It tries to explain all the planning that had to go into pulling off something of this scale and also all the pain and frustration that led to this happening. All explained through the eyes of the protagonist, an author, who had "predicted" such a situation much before it happened!


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