Sunday, May 6, 2018

Book Review: Coming Back Home by Anuradha Prasad

Book: Coming Back Home
Author: Anuradha Prasad
Genre: Fiction
No. of Pages: ~300

Coming Back Home, is a typical story of the struggles of Actors trying to making it big in the movie industry. And then it is much more than just that!

Anuradha Prasad's 2nd book (I have not read her first) is primarily around the lives of two very contrasting characters - one who will not compromise on her self-esteem and another who is willing to go to any lengths to make it big. In their own way, both of them are strong, independent characters that are important to the narrative. The story revolves around how their lives change when they intersect and then when they go their own ways.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Book Review: A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy

Book: A Hundred Little Flames
Author: Preeti Shenoy
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs. 150

Ayan, 26 year old Mechanical Engineer, is at his wit's end when he loses his job overnight and has to face the wrath of his condescending father. He has been asked to pack his bags and shift to his paternal home in a village in Kerala to look after his ailing Grandfather. Gopal Shankar, in his eighties and suffering from a fractured leg, is very much pleased to have his grandson for company. 

Much to his surprise, Ayan finds the quaint yet under-developed village; Poongavanam, interesting and he bonds with his grandfather effortlessly. However, Ayan's Dad has some other plans in mind when he gives them an unannounced visit. Long lost secrets and desires are revealed when Ayan reads his Grandfather's personal diary entries and goes on a mission to reunite something that was meant to be together. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

FASTag - What? Why? Where? and How?

You are probably hearing a lot about FASTag recently! You will probably be hearing more in the coming days!
My FASTag from Paytm

So, here is everything you wanted to know about FASTag!

FASTag is an Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system operated by NHAI. It is a small rectangular RFID based device that you will have to purchase and stick on the front windshield of your vehicle.

It auto-deducts the toll amount from your account when you pass through a toll rather than your having to stop and pay for it by cash, card or e-wallets.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Book Review: Immortal India by Amish

Book: Immortal India
Author: Amish 
Genre: Non-Fiction
No. of Pages: ~200 

The first non-fiction from the man who brought us the mythological genius that is the Shiva Trilogy - Immortal India, is a collection of his newspaper articles, talks, and debates. 

Divided into four sections - Religion and Mythology, Social Issues, History and Musings, this collection is a joy to read for anyone interested in Hindu Mythology and Indian History.


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