Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear 2012 - Please Go a Little Easy on Me!

Here is a teeny-weeny post for New Year's eve!!! :)
To say that 2011 was a mixed bag is an understatement, cos' I couldn't have asked for a better (or worse) mixture of happy and sad!

The year started off pretty good, at Tirupati! Then with a lots of ups and downs the year dragged on! Sometimes it reached the peak of happiness and sometimes exactly the opposite! Thereby, ending in a really confused place where I don't know if I should be thrilled and excited or extremely down and sad. Yup! I am confused, and rightfully so!!! But I will save the reasons for that in another post, on a another day.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Crimes Against Mallmunity

Mallmunity - Derived from the words "Mallu" (for Malayalees) and "Community"; it simply means the Mallu Community!

Crimes Against Mallmunity (C.A.M) - Things that happened to the people of Kerala though they never wanted to be a part of it.

CAM Scale - A lot like "Richter Scale" this is used to measure the damage done on a mallu mind. Therefore a 5.0 on the CAM Scale is less destructive than a 10.0 (which is total annihilation!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 80s - The Best Time to have been Born!

It all started with a post doing the rounds on Facebook saying, "If you were born in the 80s you are the greatest generation!". It got me thinking and it actually made sense.

I always thought that old people expect their next generation to go through hell, just cos' they went through it themselves. But now that I am old(er), I realize that maybe we did go through hell comparing to everything you have now, but it was so much more fun to have actually gone through it! Together!

Friday, December 9, 2011

It Is NOT Just a Watch!

The Year is 2000 (or Y2K as it was known then). I was in the 9th Grade. :)
We drove all the way from Muscat (Oman) to Dubai (U.A.E) for the Dubai Shopping Festival like we did every year. It was something that I looked forward to a lot. Spend time with family and a long drive. Dad was the driver. Mom occupied the front seat and the controls to the music system (which was a cassette player). Me and Sis' were on the back seat, screaming along with the lyrics of the latest Tamil and Hindi songs.

Y2K was the year when Casio's G-Shock watches were so popular that every hand sported one. Boys wore huge black ones while girls had small pink or red ones - but everyone had it. I secretly longed for one too, but did not ask!


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