Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Average Indian Man is Scared

I am the average Indian man. And I am scared.

There has been another brutal rape in Delhi, 2275 kms away from my home, and I am terrified.

I am worried as I type this down, for I am not sure what you will interpret my fear as. One wrong sentence and you are all over me saying how wrong I am to say what I am saying.

Why am I  scared? Cos' everyone simply hates me. The women think that every man out there is responsible for what happened and that men secretly think that whatever bad that happens to women is right and she deserves it. My fellow men think that I could be one of those men who would hurt their women. The public tells me to not blindly follow someone's suggestion, but to take a stand and do "something" to set things right. Social media tells me to stop shedding crocodile tears for I will forget the whole thing sooner than later and go back to living my life. But all that does not give you, man or women, the right to tell me that I shouldn't feel hurt or scared for what is happening around me.

But is this really why I worry? The answer is No!

Monday, December 17, 2012

55 Fiction - "Let's Do It!"

"I have made up my mind! Let’s do this, baby!" He said

She looked up at his face "Have I ever said No? I have always been prepared for this."

She was trembling. He was silent

“Okay then, let us do it!” He finally said

They fell into each other’s arms

“Yes, let’s get married!”


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